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The Murder of Taylor Samson – Part 2 – The Case Against Sandeson

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Saturday, Aug 15, 2015

Taylor Samson, a local university student, tells his girlfriend he has to run out for a moment and that he wouldn’t be long. When she see’s him exiting the apartment carrying a large duffel bag, she assumes it contains marijuana.

When he fails to return home that night.. or ever again, she, and many others in Taylor’s life, begin to suspect he was the victim in a drug deal gone very wrong.

What will start as a missing persons investigation will become one of Nova Scotia’s highest profile murder trials. One that sees two students of Halifax’s Dalhousie University at center stage.

The Victim, Taylor Samson and the accused William Sandeson who at the time of Taylor’s murder was only days away from beginning classes at the prominent medical school.

In this multi part series, I’ll be joined by Kayla Hounsell (author of First Degree: From Med-school to Murder).


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