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The Murder of Taylor Samson – Part 3 – My Brother Taylor

When one hears a story like that of Taylor’s murder it’s hard to not digest the twists, turns, and surprise the way you would a work of fiction.

In part one and two, Kayla and I made a point to discuss the character of Taylor Samson, and the role he played in the lives of many who stand heartbroken on the sidelines of this case. But, two people removed from the story can only take that so far.

For part three, I wanted to place a cap stone on this series, something that brings the events surrounding Taylor’s death into the right context… that being the senseless murder of a human being loved by many as a son, a friend, a student, an entrepreneur, and much more.

To help tell us about what it means to lose Taylor, I’ve invited one of the people who know him best. Someone who looked to Taylor as both a role model, a sometimes nuisance, an eternal protector, and a best friend…

Taylor’s younger brother Connor Samson.


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