A Walk Amongst the Dead in Halifax – 3 – the Holy Cross Cemetery

In a prior episode, we met Craig Ferguson curator of the Dead in Halifax twitter account and author of it’s companion book. If you listened to our two prior episodes, or follow what he does online you probably heard his catch phrase ‘Graveyards are where history comes to life’ and tonight he is joining us to again prove it.

Since 1843 the Holy Cross Cemetery has been the permanent resting place of expired souls with a connection to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A Prime Minister, Catholic Bishops, politicians, shop keepers, the old, the young… death brought all types of people, and their stories together for us to learn from.

Craig Ferguson, the creator of Dead in Halifax and author of the companion Book ‘DEAD IN HALIFAX’, will give us a guided tour of Halifax’s Holy Cross Cemetery!


Buy the ‘Dead in Halifax’ book – https://www.amazon.ca/Dead-Halifax-Stories-Adventure-Heartbreak/dp/1459507002


Musical Theme – Noir Toyko by Monty Datta


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