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the Nova Scotia Rampage – Part 6 – Waking up to Tragedy

In this episode, we will continue to explore this tragic events that form the Nova Scotia Shooting and Arson Rampage.

Our guest is a resident of Portapique who chance provided a unique perspective to discuss this case.

He was there before the killing started as he spent the evening having supper with his neighbors Jamie and Greg Blair, just hours before they were killed, and then after the shooting stopped, he surveyed his neighborhood in his truck only to be ordered back to his home by first responders… But, even after returning home he found himself pulled into the center of the story when the gunman’s shoeless and distraught girlfriend appeared on his door step asking for help.

His story will certainly help fill in some blanks.

Tonight, in this episode of Nighttime, we are going to be joined by Portapique resident Leon Joudrey.

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