Episode 250: When Terror Strikes with Joseph M Leonard

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Paranormal news features Prime minister Trudeau shooting down UFOs and John Lennon’s Alien encounter.

The Cryptid corner returns featuring “The Ningen”

This show’s guest is Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit). He gives a very interesting account of how accurate Nostradamus was about the 9/11 attacks and how many acts of terrorism have been experienced with little coverage from the media since.

Honor. Integrity. Patriotism. – For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies – every day – deeply engrained in every facet of his life and work. It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his works.

Born of the 1960s, very much a person of the 1980s.

Lifelong (by choice) resident Wyandotte Michigan.

Former Information Technology professional.


Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)

Visit http://JosephMLenard.us
TerrorStrikes.info/buy to purchase a copy of his book.

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