Episode 253: Canadian Paranormal Investigator Andrea Bailey

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In the paranormal news we have a new species of subterranean eel, an insanely expensive handbag that is about the size of a grain of salt and a pop up Para-Con.

Tonight’s guest is Owner, Producer, and Content Creator – Paradventure Entertainment- Andrea Bailey.

About Andrea:

I am a storyteller, documenter, content creator, researcher, adventurist, and overall, a curious human being. I not only love to tell stories, but thrive to take on the adventure myself. How can you tell a good story if you’ve never experienced it yourself. To hear other people’s perspectives firsthand, to indulge in the adventure wherever it may lead, and to find the answers to my curiosities, this is the driving force in my pursuits. My intrigue is with telling incredible, captivating and fully faceted true stories. To create amazing content for viewers leaving them feeling enthralled and as if they experienced the adventure themselves.

Also having worked as a consultant in the film and tv industry as well as other literary arts, I specialize in factual and historical content related to parapsychology, folklore and the unknown. In addition, I have
coordinated and assisted with various special events, lead and assisted with various promotional campaigns and have taken on public speaking engagements in related fields.

Life is a great adventure and the only thing we are promised is the moment we are in. Not only is this my personal outlook, but a philosophy I adapt into my professional world. Take the chance and tell the story. Here, together on earth, we are a collection of infinite stories.

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