Episode 57: Peter Rowan 2.0

We were happy to be joined again by Peter Rowan to talk about making live music happen in the time of Covid. Peter and Kalen discuss the changes that will need to happen to keep live music viable and accessible to both artists and patrons in the changing environment of the music industry. Of course you know know you’ll get to hear some rad tunes as well.

The Tunes you’ll hear in this episode are: DenMother – Is It Greener?, Little You, Little Me – I Can Try, Dumpster Cub – White Moth, Sadie – Popcorn

You can also find these artists on Bandcamp by hitting up DenMother and you can find everyone else with Monopolize Records

If you like what you hear from Peter You can check out his music thoughts with CBC every other Thursday with information morning, or feel free to stream. His new podcast will be coming soon as well, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. You can also check out his agent management page at https://perambulator.ca/

A bit thanks to friend of the podcast Jenn from Team Guimond, an amazing team that covers a lot of ground in helping shows and festivals run smoothly and safely. You can check them out on their Instagram

Also thanks to Frank James and Adrian the Intern. Find us wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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