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the Paranormal Sight Seers – Mark Joly and Laura Warren

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), is a Canadian media company that produces content that highlights blind or partially sighted people and their stories. In the past, they brought us the popular podcast series ‘What happened to Holly Bartlett’.

AMI’s has a new TV and web documentary series on the way that is very much up my dark alley, and I suspect up alot of yours as well.

Sight Seers is an 8 episode series that explores and attempts to understand a collection of paranormal mysteries across Nova Scotia.

the hosts are Mark Joly and Laura Warren,

Laura took the unique path of school teacher turned psychic and Mark was born blind and from an early age felt that he could see the future by simply touching a hand. He has developed this skill during a lifetime spent as a travelling psychic medium.

In this episode of Nighttime, we are going to be joined by the hosts of Sightseers Mark Jolly and Laura Warren


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