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The Rite Good Podcast: #20: Lindsay Mcphee

Number 20 is up! It was an honour to sit down and converse with a very special guest, Lindsay McPhee. Owner of The Floatation Centre on King Street Halifax, The first location for sensory deprivation tanks in Atlantic Canada. We had a great time talking about her history as a human and as a business owner and what inspired her to get into Floating as a business model. From there the conversation took on a life of its own and we go back in forth exploring ideas and philosophies about Humans, our Culture, Psychology, the seemingly imminent emergence of sophisticated AI and more.

I hope this was the first instalment in a series of conversations with Lindsay. It was wonderful to have you on!

Be sure to follow her and her amazing business on Instagram: @lindsay902 @thefloatcentre

And to check out their website to book your float:
You won’t regret it!

All the best! Thanks for listening. ✌️

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