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The Shag Harbour UFO Incident – 3 – Exposing the Mystery (live in Halifax with Chris Styles)

It’s 1967, seventeen year old Laurie Wickins and a car full of friends witnessed a series of lights travelling just above the tree line. While in clear view of the witnesses, the object appeared to descend sharply ultimately crashing into the dark waters of Shag Harbour.

When Laurie phoned the RCMP to report what he thought to be a downed aircraft, he was met with doubt, but when five similar reports quickly follow every RCMP officer in the area is dispatched to Shag Harbour’s shoreline.

As the RCMP officers arrive, joining the crowd of witnesses at the shoreline, one this was certain…there is something illuminated on the water and it appears to be sinking.

This event, commonly referred to as Canada’s Roswell, Is considered by many as the most compelling UFO event in Canada…if not the world.

In this episode (recorded in front of a live audience at the Carleton in Halifax, NS) I am joined by Chris Styles, the civilian UFO investigator who’s work pulled this event out of complete obscurity and placed it instead alongside the worlds most compelling UFO events.


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