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The SOUL of Sickboy

To BLEEP or not to BLEEP…that is the question.

Hey everybody…LONG time no see ! I’ve been on hiatus over the summer months but The Soul Booth is back and shaking things up in this episode, f-bombs and all ! I wrestled with whether I should sanitize the language on this one, but I opted to keep it real.

So, “what kind of title is SICKBOY for a podcast ?!” That’s what I thought the first time (okay, the first ten times) I heard the name…but when you learn what it’s all about, it makes sense – and the name grows on you 🙂

  • Here’s the RECIPE:
  • TAKE one sick “boy” (Jeremie Saunders has a fatal disease)
  • ADD two best friends (Taylor MacGillivary & Brian Stever)
  • STIR IN the following ingredients: irreverence, humour, profanity, wisdom, authenticity, honesty, courage, and love
  • APPLY the above attributes to highly sensitive and often taboo subjects
  • HEAT to a rolling boil until stigma dissolves

“Sickboy: The Documentary” is set to rock the Atlantic International Film Fest, but tickets are sold out. So here’s YOUR introduction to the Nova Scotians behind the podcast that is taking the world by storm. If you’ve got kids in the house, please grab a headset, as this episode of The Soul Booth does contain some four-letter words. It also contains a whole lot of SOUL !

Enjoy…and until next time, stay TUNED 😉      Nancy

ps. this conversation was recorded before the 100th episode of Sickboy Podcast, so congrats to Jeremie, Taylor, and Brian on that fantastic milestone ! Check them out at

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