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the Story of Holly Bartlett

In life Holly Bartlett was a conqueror.

Born with a condition that would lead to complete vision loss, Holly refused to allow her blindness to prevent her from living life to it’s fullest.

She had an active social life, a career, an education, and a network of friends and family that looked to her as an inspiration.

But, all the good things that were happening in Holly’s life came to a screeching halt on a cold night in March of 2010.

After spending a night out with friends, celebrating her upcoming graduation, Holly was found gravely injured in a nearly inaccessible area underneath a downtown Halifax bridge.

the police investigation into the circumstance that would lead to her injuries, and in turn her death, was surprisingly fast.

The Police believed the death was accidental, however… it seems they are about the only ones that feel that way.

Holly’s friends, family, and supporters have been very vocal about their dissatisfaction with the police investigation of Holly’s death. An investigation many call at best, flawed and at worst, derailed by an ignorance about living with blindness.

In this episode we will be joined by Maggie Rahr (host of What Happened to Holly Bartlett) for a discussion about a case that will make you scratch your head, and make you scream.


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