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The Story of Lindsay Souvannarath – Part 1 – An Introduction

It seems that nearly everyday we have a new example of someone, or someones, who’s internal conflict culminates in a violent attack on members of the public.

The fact that these events happen is terrifying, something that I’ve to dealt with using the same naive thought process that many affected by these tragedies can likely relate to.

I’ve taken comfort in the ignorant believe that things like that wouldn’t happen here, but regardless if you are referring to my here or yours, here is Exactly where these things happen.

in 2015, on the eve of Valentine’s day, the people of Halifax would learn they aren’t exempt from the type of nightmares that play out on American news stations.

a local 19 year old James Gamble and his girlfriend, 23 year old American Lindsay Souvannarath, had taken the first steps in a plot to shoot and kill as many people as possible in the Halifax Shopping Centre food court before taking their own lives, just like the other murderous pair they idolized… the Columbine shooters.

In this introductory episode, the foundation will be laid for an ongoing series in which the surviving architect of the Valentine’s day massacre, the enigmatic Lindsay Souvannarath, will break the silence she has maintained since boarding a plane to Nova Scotia with murderous intentions.


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