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the Story of Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam

When occupational therapist Dianna Mah-Jones uncharacteristically missed an appointment, a co-worker went to her house to check on her. As he opened her unlocked door, he was met by the obvious signs of a struggle, and a blood soaked kitchen. When the Vancouver police arrived to investigate they learned that whatever horrors started in the kitchen ended in an upstairs bathroom.

The double murder of 65 year old Dianna Mah-Jones and her 68 year old husband Richard Jones was as brutal as it is senseless.

When a suspect was identified, the horrific crime would take a turn towards the bizzare. Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam, a 25 year old man named in honour of Sylvester Stallone, seems more interested in talking to police about video games then he does what happened inside the home.

In fact, video games would become a major part of the case… as Rocky Rambo’s defense is that he thought he was in one when the elderly couple were brutally murdered.


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