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the Strange World of Ashley MacIsaac

In this episode, we are going to be joined by one of the more colourful characters to ever grace Canada’s music charts.

Our guest is as well known for his awe-inspiring talents on the fiddle as he is for the strange stories and controversy scattered throughout his 30 year career.

If you followed Canadian music in the 90s, you know Ashley Macisaac.

His 1995 album ‘Hi how are you today‘ went double platinum and in the process helped bring about a sort of renaissance for the fiddle and Celtic music.

This episode however won’t be about Ashley Macissac’s impact on popular music and it won’t be about his various public relations missteps that shocked and appalled many of his more traditional fans.

Ashley MacIsaac is joining me here on Nighttime to speak publicly for the first time about something very personal and very important to him.

UFOs are, and have been, a part of his life since childhood.

Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride through the strange world of Ashley MacIsaac.


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