112: Feeling Seen with Dr. Jody Carrington

I am so excited to welcome Dr. Jody Carrington to today’s episode of The Superwoman Code! Jody is a wealth of knowledge, a psychologist by training and is obsessed with understanding how we create a community. Jody focuses much of her work around reconnection – the key to healthy relationships and productive teams.

Jody just launched her latest book (you can check it out on Amazon and Chapters Indigo) and she is gearing up to change the way we think about each other. And it starts with connection.

On that connection note, I’m getting pumped up to see Jody LIVE in person in Halifax during her book tour, and there’s still a few spots left (you’ll get a ticket AND a copy of her book!) and I’d love to see you there. If you’re not in Halifax, you’ll still get to see her at one of her tour dates. I’ll report back later, but I don’t think we’re going to be disappointed.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode, I know I laughed hard (and reflected hard) during this recording.


Tour Dates & Tickets:

Toronto | January 28 | Glenn Gould Studio | 7 PM  SOLD OUT Halifax | February 1 | Bella Rose Arts Theatre | 7 PM Vancouver | February 4 | The Cultch’s, York Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 2 PM Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT St. John’s | February 20 | LSPU Hall | 7 PM  SOLD OUT NYC | March 14 | Manhattan | 7 PM Winnipeg | May 15 | Museum of Human Rights | 7 PM Calgary | May 24 | Martha Cohen Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

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