117: 5 Anti-Burnout Routines I Live By

There are so many ideas for anti-burnout routines, but if you google this term, all you’ll generally find is a list of bullet points with things like “do more self-care”, “take a break” and “go to sleep”.

All of those are true.

But today I’m going to bring you insight to five of the anti-burnout routines that have supported myself, my partner (Ben!) and our family unit through the last number of years. I hope you find inspiration in these ideas, and take the advice of building routines and rhythms over a long period of time to support your goals.

1. Protein Prep Favourite Recipes Include:  Buttermilk Chicken Chinese Five-Spice Pork Marinade Reverse-Sear Steak

2. Put A Timer On It!

3. Teach, Don’t Do

4. Make Mornings Less Chaotic

5. Communicate in the other person’s language

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