119: Burnout & Your Gut


We’re here with a four-part series on the gut. I can’t believe it’s taken us until episode 119 to have this conversation!  Today on the podcast, I’m going to walk you through how your digestive system functions, the three areas that are critical for good digestive health, and how a little (or a LOT) of stress can make your digestive system turn from a well-oiled machine to a fermented, inflamed, uncomfortable bloat.

Top Take Aways To Support Your Gut: 

  1. Ditch the Raw – choose warming foods like soups, stews, braised meats, slow cookers, ginger, cardamon and cinnamon as often as possible.
  2. Schedule your lunch – yes. Put it into your calendar and BLOCK it to remind you to eat something. 
  3. Set a defined grocery shopping time in your schedule, and buy foods you’re actually going to at. I don’t care if the spinach is a good idea, if it’s dying at the back of your fridge it’s not worth it. 
  4. Eat Easy To Diges Foods – going alongside the “ditch the raw” conversation, sometimes when you’re burnt out salad, steak and quinoa can be harder to digest. Try roasted veggies, lean proteins and rice or potatoes instead. 

Today’s episode is also the first in our four-part series sponsored by Bend Beauty, a Nova Scotia-based company who truly believe that beauty comes from within. I’ve been nerding out on their research for years now, and when they approached me to create this series I figured it was the perfect time to make it happen!  You can find out more about Bend and their new product, Gut Glow, here


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