124: PMS Research Update (Food, Movement & Stress)

Ah, one of my favourite things to talk about – PMS

Today on the podcast, I’m bringing y’all up to speed on the new research around how stress, food and movement affect your physical and mental state before your period.

Takeaways:  Perceived stress from the cycle before can make PMS in the following cycle worse Aerobic activity helps more with physical PMS symptoms, Yoga/Pilates helps more with mental PMS symptoms  A well balanced, unprocessed nutritional intake is best long term, but more research is definitely needed in this area Research Quoted:

A post-phenomenological analysis of using menstruation tracking apps for the management of premenstrual syndrome – 2022   Association of Premenstrual Syndrome with Adiposity and Nutrient Intake Among Young Indian Women – 2022   Associations of premenstrual symptoms with daily rumination and perceived stress and the moderating effects of mindfulness facets on symptom cyclicity in premenstrual syndrome – 2023   Evaluation of the effectiveness of yoga in management of premenstrual syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis – 2022   Exercise for premenstrual syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials – 2020   Impact of nutritional diet therapy on premenstrual syndrome – 2023

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