063: How To Talk To Your Doctor About All Your COVID-19 Questions with Dr. Sarah Fraser, MD – Sponsored by the NS Government

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an informed conversation with your medical team about a public health choice?

Dr. Sarah Fraser does.

She’s a family doctor and hospitalist here in Nova Scotia who has been front line on the COVID-19 Ward in Antigonish and Halifax. She thoughtfully gave us some of her time today to help us understand what that has been like, what she has learned, and more importantly to explain what informed consent means.

She also breaks down the conversations you should be having with your doctor and medical team about how to gauge your risk of both contracting COVID and/or the vaccine.

I am so thankful to Sarah for this conversation, because it helped me understand so much better the conversations we truly should be having. I hope you get the chance to have these same conversations with your medical team too!

Today’s podcast is sponsored by the NS Government. As we come out of our third wave and work towards gaining population vaccination status, I’m asking you to book an appointment with your medical team to discuss with them any questions you may have. Questions are important, and making sure we can support your health in the best way possible is the goal. To find out more about the NS Government’s response to Covid-19 or to book a vaccination appointment, please follow: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/ or https://novascotia.flow.canimmunize.ca/en/9874123-19-7418965

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