064: On Exercise, Endorphins & Building a Community Online with Suzi Fevens

I think Suzi Fevens may be one of my favourite people in the world. She’s energetic, charasmatic, sarsastic, witty and obsessed with helping people move their bodies. She is a fitness, Zumba & yoga instructor living in the lovely Annapolis Valley, Canada. Her life revolves around yoga, tea, cats, lattes, her family and reading (not necessarily in that order!)

Today on the podcast Suzi and I sat down and talked about her health journey, her passionate commitment to community, and how she is adapting to an online and in person world.

You can find Suzi online at www.confessionsofafitnessinstructor.com where you can connect with her work or any of the amazing links listed below. Plus, you might see me online at her next Monday night online themed night! I LOVE it.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by the NS Government. As we come out of our third wave and work towards gaining population vaccination status, I’m asking you to book an appointment with your medical team to discuss with them any questions you may have. Questions are important, and making sure we can support your health in the best way possible is the goal. To find out more about the NS Government’s response to Covid-19 or to book a vaccination appointment, please follow: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/ or https://novascotia.flow.canimmunize.ca/en/9874123-19-7418965

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