066: This Is Your Pandemic Brain on Steroids with Dr. Dayna Lee Baggley, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist – Sponsored by the NS Government

Are you forgetting things? Stumbling over your words? Feeling exhausted? Not wanting to do anything but feeling wired all the same?

Turns out, your pandemic brain has been firing on all cylinders and this, right now, is the result. It’s called languishing, and it’s a form of Burnout.

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Dayna Lee Baggley, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, to discuss exactly why we’re feeling how we’re feeling and what we can do about it.

Plus, she let us in on a little forward information about her 6 week online course launching July 16th that is designed to help you go from languishing to flourishing.

This workshop uses evidence-based techniques to address pandemic fatigue, burnout and languishing and how to move forward successfully through the next stages of the pandemic (e.g., “post vaccine”). In particular it addresses the issue that the antidote to burnout isn’t rest, it’s re-igniting a sense of meaning and purpose (e.g., “value-based living”), re-connecting socially, and integrating our experiences from the pandemic into our understanding of ourselves. Participants will be introduced to some of the latest empirically based skills and techniques that have been shown to improve well-being and sense of purpose. The workshop provides real-life, applicable skills to move from languishing to flourishing.

To sign up, or to receive more information please contact drleebaggleyinfo@gmail.com and use the code SUMMER2021 for 100$ off

Today’s podcast is sponsored by the NS Government. As we come out of our third wave and work towards gaining population vaccination status, I’m asking you to book an appointment with your medical team to discuss with them any questions you may have. Questions are important, and making sure we can support your health in the best way possible is the goal. To find out more about the NS Government’s response to Covid-19 or to book a vaccination appointment, please follow: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/ or https://novascotia.flow.canimmunize.ca/en/9874123-19-7418965

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