070: Creating Art & Finding Community with Courtney Senior

Mesmerizing doesn’t even begin to explain what Courtney Senior does with a canvas and paint.

She is a Toronto-based artist, marketer by trade, and magician when it comes to making all my 80’s neon dreams come true. This is in fact a true statement, one of her pieces hangs in my house and another in the clinic.

I have been in love with her work since she found her way into my Instagram Reels, and I became enamoured with who she is as a businesswoman by her open conversations around how she uses art to help cope with her anxiety.

Not only is she showcasing her own work online and shipping it all over the world, she is the founder of Art & Found Day, and helps other creative entrepreneurs understand how to build n art business without burning out.

We had a phenomenal conversation back in March, and I’m so excited to share it with you here.

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