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the Three Cape Breton Boys on the Tracks

When a member of your childhood peergroup loses their life, a few things may happen… shock, dismay, sadness, perhaps a wake up call, but ultimately it’s something and someone you will never forget.

In this episode we will hear of one such story and how someone close to those involved is dealing with it.

We will be joined by Ken Jessome, who back in the summer of 1970 lost two of his childhood friends under strange circumstances.

The event has been haunting him, and many others who grew up along side him ever since, but it wasn’t only the tragic deaths that have been troubling Ken. It was the puzzling circumstances that lead to them and the fact that no one seemed to have looked into it.

Now, nearly 50 years Later, Ken Jessome vows to do all he can to share the story the the three Cape Breton Boys on the tracks.


Ken Jessome –

Remembering a Mysterious Summer of ’70 Tragedy ( – Ken Jessome – July 19, 2017)

Sleeping Victims: A Cape Breton True Crime Story? ( – Ken Jessome – June 6, 2018)

An Unfortunate Mishap: Three Cape Breton Deaths ( – Ken Jessome – July 10, 2018)


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