Episode #4: Interview with Josh Okogie

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves were asked: What should Josh Okogie’s nickname be? The answer is easy and after listening to this week’s episode with “NonStop” Josh Okogie you will think so too! As the son of a pastor and Nigerian born, Josh immigrated to the US as a 3 year old.His talent led him to the NBA at the young age of 20 and his roots led him to also play for the Nigerian National Basketball Team.

Josh talks about what’s been like for him in Minnesota, taking the opportunity to embrace this experience and the chance to play for the Timberwolves. He shares his thoughts on this past year, calling it the most eventful in his life with many challenges from a social and political perspective including what it’s been like to live the George Floyd experience first hand.

He has been a loud voice in the Black Lives Matter movement and shares with us what he hopes to achieve through his social activism, most importantly holding people accountable for their actions and empowering those who have no voice and looking up to mentors like Carmello Anthony who are also leading voices in the fight against injustice.

He is a star with many interests and talents, smart and articulate and his insights and experiences make this a must listen to episode.We loved having him on and we hope you love listening to his story. And, we bet you’d agree, he’s the swaggiest player in the NBA!

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