Women in Sports Panel Discussion

In a special episode, and taking a new spin on things, “The Tidal League Podcast” brings together 5 female movers and shakers in the world of sport to give their take on what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated arena.  These incredible women talk about their place in this world, the changes that have occured over the years, the fight for equal pay and equal rights, the difference between equity and equality, the challenges and the incredible opportunities, how they support each other, how they take care of their mental health, and how they maintain professional boundaries.

We talk about the economics of women in sports, the money making aspect of it, how to grow the involvement of women in all aspects of sports, the importance of male allies, and the four cornerstones of raising the profile and interest in the WNBA and beyond – money, coverage, respect and time.

Bri Lewerke – Twitter @brilewerke Margo Brousaides – Twitter @smarfwater Emily Davis – Twitter @emdavis45 Carolina Blanco – Twitter @blancostrong Val Suarez – Instagram @positivechalkdc A Seat at the Table – For Women in Sports (LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12389000/–

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