Episode #12: Interview with Phil Reynolds

“Be Ready for Life after the Final Whistle”.  This is the philosophy of TBH Sports and today we welcome Phil Reynolds, partner and financial advisor, who talks about the meaning behind the words.  Many sports fans imagine once you’ve signed that pro league contract you are set for life.  For most athletes the reality may be very different.

Today we hear Phil’s story and how he was able to merge his love of sports with his profession as a financial planner as well as his strategies on how he ensures success for the athletes he represents.

In an area not much talked about, Phil gives us a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of working with young athletes who tend to live in the moment and not think about tomorrow when it comes to money management.  Phil tells our listeners how the world of athletic contracts work versus the image most fans have of instant millions once that contract is signed.

Our podcast ends with Phil’s advice on how to plan in an uncertain future and he shares some great financial tips for both athletes and non-athletes alike!

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