Albert County Chats: Season 2 Ep21 – John Coughlin Ward 2 & Wayne Bennett Ward 4

Continuing on the conversation with the fabulous people running for Riverview Town Council.

In todays show 2 men who are reoffering in Ward 2 and Ward 4.

John Coughlan has been on Council for the last 5 years after finishing an amazing career with CN and Via Rail. John Coughlin happily takes the leader as councillor for his residents in one of the oldest areas in Riverview Ward 2. To support John follow is page!

And Wayne Bennett, a name you are sure to know as he is currently wrapping up his 4th term as a councillor in Ward 4 (the largest Ward in Riverview) Wayne is reoffering because he still has so much he wants to see completed like the new recreation complex in Mill Creek.
Support Wayne by following his page!

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