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the Unsolved Murder of Tanner Krupa – 2 – a discussion with True North True Crime

This story is going to take us to an alleyway in Surrey, BC.

On an otherwise uneventful night, in August of 2017, something horrible happened there. Despite the passage of time and tremendous efforts we still don’t know what happened exactly, but when the dust settled 19 year old Tanner Krupa was dead.

Tanner had only been in Surrey for a handful of days, there for a short work trip. Just a 19 year old who stepped out to grab something at a near by convenience store and somehow ends up dead in an alleyway hours later.

The only evidence left behind is images on a nearby security camera showing two white vehicles fleeing the scene. The vehicles, nor their occupants, have yet to be identified.

In tonight’s episode, we are going to be joined by the hosts of True North True Crime for a discussion surrounding Tanner’s unsolved murder.


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