E4 S1. Wild Blueberry Harvesting and Fruit Quality during Harvest with Dr. Travis Esau

Mechanical harvesting is the most common and cost-effective harvesting method in the industry. Blueberry growers and producers can benefit by increase the value of their harvested crop in the fresh fruit market. Maximizing fruit quality is a critical step for wild blueberry growers to remind competitive in the market. Are you wondering how to increase fruit quality during harvest? This episode will answer your question.

Guest: Dr. Travis Esau is an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering, Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture and he has been working in the Precision Agriculture Research Program since 2007. Travis is working on developing precision agriculture technologies to increase farm profitability and reduce environmental risks. Travis has been researching how to optimize berry quality during harvest and we will hear some of his research updates about this topic in this episode.


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