E2 S1. Winning at Disease Control with Dr. Seanna Annis

In this episode, we will focus on disease management in wild blueberries, particularly in Monilinia Blight, AKA mummy berry. This disease is commonly found in many blueberry production areas of the Province. Monilinia Blight infects leaves, blossoms and fruit of the blueberry plant. The infection periods are a combination of wetness duration and temperature after bud break, at or above the F2 stage. The critical steps to prevent Monilinia infection in your blueberry fields are monitoring the plant growth stage and weather condition. If your fields are at the 40-50% F2 stage, you should consider treatment before the next forecasted wet period. You will hear Monilinia disease management information and research updates from our guest, Dr. Annis.

Guest: Dr. Seanna Annis is an Associate Professor of Mycology, Associate Extension Professor and Plant Pathology Specialist from the University of Maine. Her research focuses on fungi that are pathogens of plants. Some research projects in her lab examine the genetic diversity, physiology and molecular biology of various fungal pathogens and applied aspects of control of fungi that attack wild blueberry.


Monilinia Blight of Lowbush Blueberry: https://cdn.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/images/sites/wild-blueberry/pdfs/Monilinia_Blight_Lowbush_Blueberry.pdf

Forecasting Mummyberry Fungus Infection: https://extension.umaine.edu/blueberries/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2010/06/mummyberry-forecasting-handout.pdf


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