Mike Knuble – Episode 44

There’s A LOT going on in the episode.

We use the Trade Deadline to announce a trade of our own; we’re swapping out Brothers In Stereo’s “The Worst Crowd” for In All Alone’s “Highway 2, Calgary Nothing” and also chat to lead singer Patrick Kordyback about his hockey loving pop punk band In All Alone, being a reasonable Oilers fan, and his dad disowning him if he had played for the Flames.

There’s also a lot of trade deadline talk. Chuck & Mike rummage through the 30+ deadline deals and chat about what stands out to them.

Speaking of stand outs, we couldn’t have a hockey related conversation this week without talking about EBUG sweetheart Dave Ayres – the 42 year old zamboni driver who works for the Leafs and also beat them Saturday night.

Then we talk to Mike Knuble. Oh man, Mike’s career was insane. His first NHL game was Fight Night At The Joe – y’know that game between the Red Wings and Avs. From there he just picked off a checklist of being around huge hockey moments – and we make a realization that even he hadn’t picked up on before.

There’s also some in depth analysis of Chuck finally playing hockey and scoring his first goal at the tender age of 30 as we prep for the Heart & Stroke Hockey Heroes Weekend.

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