SE 01 EP 21 – Lughnasadh and Pagan Kids Author Jennifer Hartman

In the fields, John Barleycorn, who laid with the Lady in the woods at Beltane, has grown old, and now stands bent and bearded with a crooked cane. He looks to the Sun as he has changed from green to gold, and he knew that his time has come. His life will feed the people, and it is this sacrifice that we honour at Lughnasadh.


The Three Witches and a Druid sit around the Zoom table with hot beverages and Brian’s second favourite Celtic Fire Festival Lughnasadh! While we are at it, we invited along Jennifer Hartman of and discussed the holiday and her next book! A book you should all check out by the way!


music intro by Damh the Bard So sorry there was no intro! The approval came just as we were uploading the episode.


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