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Tonetta – 2 – the Artist in Their Own Words

Tonetta is the stage name used by a reclusive singer-songwriter and visual artist who since the early 1980s has been recording and sharing his original music and videos. In 2008, he became an international cult celebrity after starting his first YouTube channel containing music and video that often contain explicit sexual content and a unique do it yourself aesthetic.

Tonetta’s detractors call his music vile filth, whereas fans call it the work of a pure outsider artist.

In this episode of Nighttime, I’m joined by Tony Jeffrey, the complicated artist known around the world as Tonetta.

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Tonetta Songs used in ‘Tonetta – Part 2 – The Artist in Their Own Words’

Got a Really Big Cock

high resolution audio

It’s All Bullshit

watch the video

Drugs Drugs Drugs

high resolution audio

watch the video

John and Yoko

watch the video


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