Travel Chat With Youtube Vlogger Where Is Dan

This week we welcome travel vlogger Dan to the show from the YouTube channel Where Is Dan.

Dan shares why he loves to travel, how he has learned 2 languages, why he loves getting outside of the typical tourist zones, plus insight into YouTube and his plans for the future. 

We loved chatting with Dan, since his travel experience is so different from ours – can you imagine not researching a place before you visit?!


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We are travel enthusiasts who do not claim to be professionals! Instead we are two Halifax, NS natives with travel blogs who somehow found one another on the internet and now, we have a podcast!!

Join us every two weeks as we talk about our favourite destinations, travel tips, travel fails and all things travel!

We have a big passion for travelling and talking about travel so we hope you will listen and join the conversation.

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Disclaimer – all episodes are our opinions/experiences, always do your research and make travel plans based on your budget and comfort levels.

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