266 – Sex is a Bridge w/ Dr. Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. is a sex and relationship expert, an international speaker, an author and a licensed psychotherapist with almost thirty years of experience working with individuals and couples. In private practice, she focuses on helping people of all ages, orientations and genders find love, healing and passion.


Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. is the Director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute and has been a licensed sex and relationship therapist in practice for over thirty years. She teaches at several Universities, is a TEDx speaker and is the host of the podcast The Trouble with Sex.


The hosts chat with Tammy about new monogamy, maintenance sex compared to sex dates, and how sex is like a bridge.


Listeners of this podcast who are interested in participating in a free counselling session over zoom for education purposes, please contact Dr. Tammy Nelosn through her website and let her know you heard about this opportunity on Turn Me On! drtammynelson.com


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