Musician Dondréa Erauw on success, burnout, and following her own path

Dondréa Erauw is an award-winning Music Supervisor who worked on shows including Degrassi and Netflix’s Spinning Out.

After 10 years in that industry, she left after experiencing severe burnout. After taking some time for herself, Dondréa knew that she had to follow her heart and get back to her first love – making music. She currently licenses music in the live sports broadcasting space across the U.S. and is a singer-songwriter. 

In this episode, Dondréa takes us on a journey from her music-filled childhood to her formative years at Fanshawe College where she first learned about music supervision. After landing a job in Toronto,, she had a successful 10 year career that eventually led her to move to Los Angeles. 

Finally, Dondréa is open and honest about the burnout she experienced and the toll it took on her physical and mental health. She takes us through her decision to leave a successful career and the happiness she has found on the other side. 

Dondréa and I both attended Fanshawe College and we are so thrilled to have Fanshawe Alumni as a sponsor this season. You can find out more about post-graduate programs at Fanshawe College here: https://www.fanshawec.ca/programs-and-courses/programs-type/graduate-studies

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