Winning Confidence with Dr. Judy Smith

Confidence building is sometimes a hard subject to touch, but it is worth the motivation to encourage. Dr. Judy Smith joins the episode to share her passion for why confidence-building is important! As someone who is always a pastor, Dr. Judy also shares the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone. She did this by going into the community and helping young women and people, in general, to discover their potential to win with confidence!

Dr. Judy L. McIntosh-Smith is a leading professional in her field with over thirty years of experience. She is touching lives and helping people to transform their mindset to become successful in life. She is an itinerant Conference Facilitator, Speaker, and Counselor. As a Coach and Mentor, she has helped many persons to overcome their fears of stepping forward to achieve highly. She has been branded as a skilled and talented leader in the area of Coaching and Mentorship. She is also well respected in her Church where she pastors with her husband, Dr. C. Clifford Smith III, and also the wider community, as a Teacher, Preacher, and Prophetic voice.

A product of a rich Bahamian Christian heritage, Dr. McIntosh-Smith is passionate about ministering to broken people, encouraging them to embrace the Kingdom of God and thereby, experience life transformation.

Although, having been involved in many areas of Christian ministry, she focuses mainly on the needs of women and teenage girls. As a champion of the advancement of women and girls, she passionately encourages them to soar in life to meet with high achievement and ultimate success. Utilizing all avenues possible, she is intentional about impacting and developing the lives of women and girls.

Dr. McIntosh-Smith is the Founder and Director of The Esther Gathering Conference, a Ministry that encourages women to see their true value, worth, and beauty. She is also the Founder and CEO of Winning in Life for Women Network, which seeks to inspire women to succeed in every area of their life. She is the Founder and Director of Majestic Young Ladies (MYL), a ministry that mentors teenage girls. She is also the founder and Director of Dr. Judy L. McIntosh-Smith, “Being a Blessing Through Giving,” a Program that gives to School-age children and their families who are in need. She is the host of the Show, “Winning in Life for Women.” Dr. Judy uses her Program, “Win with Dr. Judy,” to release powerful nuggets, quotes, strategies, and articles to encourage, inspire and motivate both men and women.

She holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Counselling, a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. She is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, a Certified Etiquette Coach, and a Certified Life Coach. She is also certified in Leadership Development.

Dr. Judy L. McIntosh-Smith is an accomplished writer and has authored sixteen books. Included in her literary works are Born To Win, Exceptional You, Prayers for Success, her duo Kingdom Divas Book and Workbook, Polished and Refined, Empowered Women, and Super Success Spiritual Warfare Strategies. These books and literary work can all be found on her website

She and her husband live in Nassau, on the island of New Providence, The Bahamas. They have two adult children: Kaitlyn and Caleb.

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