Music and Finance with Duffy Mardino

Music and finance have an amazing blend. Our guest Duffy Mardino speaks about the importance of maintaining your finances while following his passion. Duffy’s passion is in music but has a major interest in furthering his advancement in the financial industry. Music is Duffy’s indispensable gift, and he wants to blend both interests into the best!!

Duffy Williams is a musician, forex trader, & cryptocurrency investor. Although he hasn’t been as active as he has with his investing side, music will always remain his first love and passion.

Since early days in his pre-teens, poetry was something he was always fond of, and then later into his late teens he made words stick to instrumentals like magic. Duffy has always been a person who was never afraid to be himself and that is a common narrative that appears in his music.

Now since 2020, he has found a love for investing simply for the financial freedom it empowers, but also to educate many peers or people from his hometown to do the same!


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