Source: NSGEU: Union Matters

Union Matters: Protecting The Public Blood Supply

This week, we have a special guest host of Union Matters!
Mary Otto is President of NSGEU Local 43, which represents lab workers of Canadian Blood Services in Nova Scotia. Mary also sits on NSGEU’s Political Action Committee and traveled to Ottawa at the end of October as part of a lobby effort with Bloodwatch and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union in support of Senate Bill 252, the Voluntary Blood Donations Act (An Act to amend the Blood Regulations). The Bill has just passed its second reading and will be going to Committee.
The legislation would ban the collection of paid plasma in Canada. Currently, for-profit agencies like Canadian Plasma Resources have set up shop in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, where they pay Canadians for their plasma, then sell it to the highest bidder on the global market.
On this week’s podcast, Mary speaks with Pauline Worsfold, Chair of the Canadian Health Coalition and Secretary-Treasurer of the CFNU.

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