#55 – David Alston on Modern Marketing & Navigating the 21st-Century

Hello Unsettled Community! Welcome to another episode of the Podcast.  This is Episode #55 with legendary CMO, David Alston.

I hope that wherever this podcast is finding you, you are well.

Are you mountain biking in Halifax?

Are you in a Starbucks in Toronto?

Are you at your desk, in Bangalore?

Wherever you are, I know you’re doing your best to navigate the 21st-century, just like I am.  Just like we all are.  That’s why we’re here right? To navigate 21st-century change together.

Don’t miss the deadline to apply for David’s CMO Accelerator.  He is already 2x above capacity but is exploring what scale looks like in the near future.

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This podcast is produced by me, Matt George.  Is engineered by the great Zachary Pelletier, and is part of the Unsettled Media Podcast Network.


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