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Heya pal. Ya like FREE MUSIC?

Let’s be honest. The answer to that question is always “no.” It’s actually a qualified “no” – of course you like free music, everyone does. You listen to the radio, you probably stream music, at least on YouTube. You can listen to anything you want, any time you want. You just don’t want some mp3 by a band (/artist) you’ve never heard of. Can I download it on my phone? No? Great. Like my friend Peter Cann says, “here’s a lifehack: instead of printing up business cards, just write your name and phone number on a piece of paper and throw it directly in the garbage.”

Well, you know what you can’t listen to on demand anywhere else? This here new Valerie track! In advance of the album release! Show is this Thursday, June 20th, at the Seahorse in Halifax. See you there.

For more Valerie, check out the Twin Flames video.

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