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Was it a Sasquatch in Northwestern Ontario?

For me, it all started on an average day in November. I woke up, poured a coffee, and swiped open my phone to see what was what in the world.

Instead of finding local news and pictures of social media influencer’s breakfast, I was face to face with an agitated mob that seemed to have my email and social media accounts surrounded. Fortunately, it wasn’t a lynch mob. In place of torches and pitchforks they all just had their phones out showing me a viral video taken on October 3rd by a hunter out looking for partridge with his wife and grandchild in rural Ontario. The video itself isn’t much to look at, it’s little more than a still image of a treeline.

It’s the sound of the video that makes this special.

The hunter, 39 year old Gino Meekis, started filming after being started by a howl unlike any he had never heard before.

After sharing the video to Youtube people took notice.

Just like Gino, No one could agree on what animal was heard in the video. But, there was one group on the fringes of the discussion who did recognize this almost human howl and they confident they knew what it was.

They thought it was Bigfoot and they considered Gino’s video proof that there ARE Sasquatch in Northwestern Ontario.

In this episode of Nighttime our topic is both Gino’s video and the question it raises “Was it a sasquatch in NorthWestern Ontario?”


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