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Wealthy Women Leaders with Pat Mussieux – November 6

You want to give up, you’re tired, you’re only halfway, why should you keep going? Well, you didn’t come this far to only come this far, you must keep going because you can, you are strong enough and you can do it! Climbing a mountain is very similar to overcoming hardships and reaching new goals you have set out for yourself, Pat Mussieux is very familiar with this and she wants you to be as well.

“My secret weapon is my mindset.”

Pat is the founder and CEO of Step2Happiness and she has been one of the recognized voices for women’s entrepreneurial success in Canada. A four time Stevie Award winner for Women in Business, she has proven herself that she could re-launch her coaching and speaking business from zero into a multiple 6-figure home business.

As the host of Roger’s TV show, Wealthy Women Leaders, Pat is a trusted voice for women entrepreneurs on the air as well as when she travels around the world, inspiring a variety of audiences ranging from the public sector, private sector to non-profits.

In this week’s #StartupPodcast, we will talk to Pat about her inspirational story of climbing mountains in Arizona and getting back up from the series of life challenges.

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