Since the beginning of time man has been telling stories.  At first it was around campfires.  Centuries later it was stages of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and hundreds of years still we gathered around radios and televisions.  Today there are so many different mediums for story telling that it can be overwhelming.

Since the mid 2000’s and well after the internet had gripped all our imaginations, the PODCAST was created.  Almost 10 million Canadians listened to podcasts in the past year and 7 of 10 started listening in the past three years. A regular podcast listener downloads or streams an average of 6 podcasts a week.  A recent Canadian Podcast Listeners survey shows that 23% of Atlantic Canadians are indulging in this new passion each week.

Podcast Atlantic’s directory will assist listeners in finding a variety of podcasts by topic or province.  For podcasts that are part of the directory, Podcast Atlantic will assist with promotion across social media and encourage cross-promotion between podcasts.

Today, perhaps more than ever, information is probably the most valuable tool we can acquire.  At the same time the listener is getting more discerning about what they want to listen to.  The goal is to bring more “listeners” to the region whether they are Atlantic Canadian or are from outside of the region.  If you have a podcast that you would like listed on the directory or know of one missing from the list, please contact us.

The future looks extremely bright for podcasting and Podcast Atlantic wants to be there to help “Atlantic Canadians tell their stories”.

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