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What Happened to Dylan Ehler?

In late April 2020, just after COVID19 began leading to widespread lockdowns, Nova Scotia was the setting for Canada’s worst act of mass murder, then just 3 weeks later another tragic story would bring the province to its knees.

On May 6, three year old Dylan Ehler was visiting his grandmother’s home in Truro, NS. While playing in the back yard his grandmother Dorothy turned her back to put a dog on the leash and at some point during that moment of inattention, Dylan vanished.

Despite nearly a full year of searching, the only sign of Dylan that has been found were his two rubber boots, found caught amongst debris in the waterways that flow a short distance from his grandmothers property line.

To add insult to injury, the majority of the updates that surround this search don’t involve progress being made in locating Dylan. They involve rumors, suspicions, online citizen detectives, ransom demands, and a cyberbullying case presently before the courts.

In this episode we get into all of it.

We are going to be joined by Dylan’s father, Jason Ehler, and our topic is the disappearance of his three year old son Dylan Ehler.


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