Episode 6: Tenacity

When Holly Bartlett was found, barely alive, under Halifax’s MacKay Bridge on the morning of March 27th 2010, her family and friends were unaware how it would alter the course of their lives. Now, almost nine years later, they are still advocating for Holly, who was so much more than a “poor, drunk, blind girl.” For the past six months, a team of concerned citizens and investigators have been digging into Holly’s case again, hoping to get closure once and for all.

In this final episode of What Happened to Holly Bartlett, host Maggie Rahr meets up with private investigator Tom Martin near the place Holly was found. They try to piece together the movements of the last person who saw Holly alive: the taxi driver who dropped her off that night. Tom conducts a victimology, talking to Holly’s closest friends and family to find out everything he can about her personality. Did Holly’s feisty disposition make her a target that night? Finally, the whole team returns to the abutment one last time to hear Tom’s final theories, and we’ll learn what Holly’s mother Marion hopes people gain from hearing Holly’s story.

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