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What is UNICULT, and who is UNICOLE?

In short, UNICOLE is an influential online spiritual teacher who leads a group called UNICULT.

The longer version however, is way more out there.

The genesis of this episode was an email I received from a listener of Nighttime letting me know that they, and several of their friends in Toronto, had recently joined a fast growing online spiritual group based in California named UNICULT. In the email they explained that the cult was led by a part human/part alien pop singer named UNICOLE.

My response was something between what the f*&K? and this is why I love the internet!

This kind of thing absolutely does it for me. Aliens, psychics, cults, and the dark corners of the internet… I couldn’t resist learning more about UNICOLE, UNICOLE’s many followers, and their cult.

Rather than just telling you what I’ve learned from the many articles and the seemingly endless videos about UNICULT and UNICOLE, I went right to the interstellar source.

In this episode, we are going to hear the story of UNICOLE and UNICULT as told by the self proclaimed cult leader… UNICOLE.


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