Over the last 125 days, as Podcast Atlantic has begun to take shape, I have been asked and have asked myself, “What Next?”  A year ago, the dream of starting this business was only a germ of an idea.  In May 2017 I was one month away from my seven-year anniversary of being laid off from a 27-year career as a Television Broadcaster.  No need to bore you with the intervening years.  Suffice it to say I felt an urge to return to my story telling roots.

As of today, May 7/18 there are now 63 podcasts listed on the directory.  In less than three months the directory can claim the first of it’s success.  The idea of a geographically based podcast directory has proven that there is interest. By summers end I hope to see 100 podcasts listed.

As the website and the directory develop over the next months and into 2019, my goal is to continue offering social media promotion.  I would also like to help with booking of guests.  I have already been able to connect some podcasters with potential guests.  For some podcasters, advertisers can mean the world.  Helping podcasters get these advertisers and sponsors is something I would like to tackle as well.

The podcasters of Atlantic Canada are a community.  I want to do whatever I can to support all of them.  Please tell me what your ideas for Podcast Atlantic are.  Send me an email at info@podcastatlantic.com. Help me, help you Tell Atlantic Canada’s Stories.

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