Patreon Pick: Kickboxing Academy (w/Jerika Layne)

This Patreon Pick comes to us courtesy of Jerika herself!


This week, Nathan and Brendan are befuddled by the late-90s movie Kickboxing Academy (which may also be called Teen Boxer) starring Chyler Leigh in her first major acting role. Jerika is also here to help the guys figure out who the main character is (a fruitless task) and then they discuss the DVD cover prominently featuring a character that is not in the film, underage drinking, machine guns, the severe amount of padding for a 78-minute (!) film, the writers not knowing the difference between karate and kickboxing and more. Plus: Brendan and Jerika blow Nathan’s mind inside out with a very upsetting reveal.


Next week: the 150th episode! The guys will tackle Hollywood Homicide, which was originally a “lost episode” due to the subpar audio quality.


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Kickboxing Academy stars Chyler Leigh, Steven Bauer, Christopher Khayman Lee and Donna Barnes; directed by Richard Gabai.

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